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By J E. Ellershaw

A powerful and evocative true story of the author’s journey and spiraling descent into the depths of a dark and dangerous world before confronting his demons. The remarkable turnaround that transformed Beckmans life to follow a spiritual path and find his true calling is both compelling and inspiring. This is an incredibly emotive but gritty book, told with courage, honesty, humor and grace. Through sharing his experience it not only helps to better understand the fatal grip of addiction, but also the potential that exists within the human spirit to achieve positive change.

Incredible Suffering Transformed By Redemption
By Dee Long

This is Howard Beckman’s amazing tale of what drugs did to his life, placing him into a horrendous day to day existence for years inside a Thai prison. The author freely admits that he “ruined all of the opportunities” presented to him to clean up his act, and at times it’s challenging for the reader to feel any sympathy for this very self-destructive individual. But the amazing journey that his destructiveness takes him on is a very compelling tale of loss, suffering and ultimately hard-won redemption.

Gaia Genevieve Richards
Santa Fe

Howard Beckman, your memoirs offered in your book, “Tempting the Devil in the Name of God,” are indeed compelling, captivating and inspiring.
Thank you for having written it. When you should have rightfully been dead in the hole in a prison in Thailand for your drug addiction, the Higher Power came and pulled you out of the miry clay and rewrote the etchings on your soul. I came to know you only as a spiritual adviser, thinking perhaps you’d had a cushy, privileged life … HA!

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