When I first revealed my story to friends in the course of writing Tempting the Devil in the Name of God everyone asked me “why reveal all of this now?” It might damage my reputation, to reveal such a sordid, and quite frankly insane past. After 30+ years of building a successful life, I could have simply taken the whole story to the grave.

After horrendous prison experiences and death-defying struggles in the murky world of international drug smuggling, I had no desire to tell anyone about the past years. I wanted a new life, one in which the past would no longer haunt me.

But now, at this point of my life I feel a duty to tell the story, while I still am able to do so. There are so many people languishing in, or desperately trying to exit, the deadly world of drugs, or any substance abuse, into the light of recovery.

The tools I created for myself (against all odds while living in the gloom of a south-east Asian prison) combined with timeless meditation techniques can be learned by anyone. Anyone who truly wants to stop the pain…to stop the wheel of madness that spirals a once promising life out of orbit to certain destruction.

There was a need within me to remember all I had been through. To write it all down, that I might again meditate on these events of my earlier life. I shared some of the stories with friends and family, most never revealed before even to them. They shocked them to their core. That I had endured such misery, torment and torture, and managed to live to tell the tale seemed to boggle their minds.

Being a writer of primarily Eastern philosophy, the first words people uttered after listening to my story was “you MUST write a book about this”. I decided that the universe had to be telling me something. Searching for information on what was going on in the world of drugs and addiction today, I was overwhelmed. If I thought this was a smoldering dilemma, or a secret, hidden part of society 30 years ago, today it is a blazing inferno of mass destruction. It threatens to utterly destroy entire generations of human lives.

I put out this fire in my own soul, and am sharing not only my story, but also some answers I found that enabled me to take back control of my life.
It’s funny how along the road of life we always think we have it together; that we can easily handle the world we have created for ourselves. Yet it’s only when we have enough experience really living that we can step back and view the big picture, to see ourselves as we really are, not as we once imagined.

My hope is that my book Tempting the Devil in the Name of God…the Heavy Hand of Fate will encourage others who have fallen to the depths of despair to find the same strength of heart that I found. For only then will we heal, prosper, and attain our goal for a successful and fulfilling life…to feel truly free.

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