Addicted to Life – Recovery Incorporating a Yogic Lifestyle

Addicted to Life – Recovery Incorporating a Yogic LifestyleThe message from the ancient seers of India is basically that we are all addicted to an illusory concept of life here on the material plane! Miserable in this deluge of sense gratification, we fall deeper and deeper into intoxication, addicted to one thing after another. Food, sex, shopping, exercise, dysfunctional relationships, drugs, smoking, and on and on it goes. These wise ancient seers had the formula for curbing this downward spiral of illusion and bringing our minds and bodies into balance, allowing us to see clearly and make positive, right decisions about our everyday lives.

The Great American Epidemic

Roughly 23.5 million Americans abuse drugs or alcohol to self-medicate simply to get through life, and the numbers are rising. Over 40 million people in the US today admit to experiencing some sort of chronic and excessive anxious state of mind. So why is everyone so stressed out and unhappy?

Connected to Life

The polar opposite to addiction isn’t just living sober, it’s finding a healthy connection to life! As a former addict, I have experienced that practicing yoga and mindfulness not only helps a person change old thinking patterns, and thus behavior, but it also encourages us to go deeply within our spiritual selves, whatever spiritual of religious path we may follow. Yoga and mindfulness meditation are universal.

Recovery with Yoga Workshop

This workshop brings together a clear, concise way to utilize Yogic lifestyle changes by explaining how we can change negative energies that have surrounded us to positive ones.
Specific techniques, when practiced regularly, will change our vibration and energy, bring us to a state of harmony among mind, body and spirit, reintroducing us to the full, vibrant life to which we may be positively addicted.

Addicted to Life – Recovery Incorporating a Yogic Lifestyle

We will incorporate:

  • Prananyama Techniques
  • Specific Asanas
  • Diet
  • Everyday Lifestyle
  • Practicing Meditation or Mindfulness
  • Mantra
  • Service

Regardless of who we are, or from what background we come, we are all susceptible to addiction of one form or another. We should not be ashamed and hide in the shadows. Come to this workshop and let me show you the way out to the light. I did it; so can you.

In this life-changing workshop we will explore all the possibilities for creating a new way of thinking, changing old karmic patterns, and thus habits, and setting a course for ourselves that, once embarked upon, you will never again have the fear of going astray. Learn not only how to make addiction a part of your past, but to create a new future of knowledge, joy and satisfaction, being the best and most that only YOU can be.

Addicted to Life – Recovery Incorporating a Yogic LifestyleYoga and Vedic Astrology

Another tool in the Vedic arsenal for those recovering from addiction is Vedic astrology.

Understanding the reasons WHY certain things have happened, then learning what actions we can take in THIS life to not only counteract that karma, but literally change our destiny from this point on, is likely to be the most valuable information any addict, as well as their family members, can realize.

This workshop can help individuals, friends and families of those trying to recover from addiction, in a safe and professional environment. Studios will attract a broad spectrum of new contacts who will attend this workshop. It will also give studios opportunities to open up their doors, perhaps on a weekly basis, to offer a place for these individuals to come and practice their newfound tools for healing and balance in their lives.

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Addicted to Life – Recovery Incorporating a Yogic Lifestyle
Howard “Hamsa” Beckman

Howard “Hamsa” Beckman


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